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SiFly Easy Rider

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The SiFly Easy Rider is our best board for beginners in the sport and e-foil schools. Its large 170L volume ensures enough buoyancy for riders up to 140kg to comfortably float when standing still without submerging the board. This allows for early planning and takes stress off students, knowing they can stay on the board no matter what they do. The Easy Rider shape has gone through several iterations and hours of testing until it met our high expectations. Even though it's bulky, it still feels quite maneuverable underfoot, while its bottom design ensures perfect control as you cruise through the water.

Cruiser 1900 + CR340 set

The Cruiser 1900 front wing + CR340 stabilizer set provides maximum stability and the lowest foiling speeds, making it ideal for learning.

Cruiser 1300 + CR300 set

The Cruiser 1300 front wing + CR300 stabilizer is a faster and more versatile combination for advanced surfers who want more adrenaline.