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The SEABOB F5 S is an absolute high-performance vehicle. With a total weight of only 34 kg, it is very manageable out of the water. With 680 Newtons, the SEABOB F5 S delivers strong thrust on the water. The E-Jet power system plugs into 6 power outlets. With them, the SEABOB F5 S can be driven quietly at low power or in sixth gear at full throttle.

Endless fun

Relaxed glide. Sports driving on the water. Dive safely. All this is possible with a SEABOB-Jet. For the first time, human beings can move in the water with the agility of a dolphin. With total freedom, both on the surface of the water and in its depths.

In addition, the SEABOB is totally respectful with the environment. It moves through the water energetically and practically silently. The human being and the machine united in perfect harmony.

Everything is possible

Enjoy a unique agility underwater.
The dynamics of the SEABOB Jet unfolds all its attractiveness underwater. This water vehicle can be driven underwater with a simple press. The human being and the machine move in harmony with agility and speed.

With the on-board electronics, diving depths of up to 40 meters can be programmed. A safety device prevents exceeding the selected diving depth. Dive into the fascinating underwater world!