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SCUBAJET PRO Underwater Kit

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For professional divers and amateur snorkelers, the SCUBAJET Pro Underwater Kit will take you where you want to go. Press a button on the dual-hand controller and go deep, far, slow, or fast. Up to you.


The SCUBAJET PRO 1000W jet motor moves it up to 2m/s in the water as it rises smoothly below the ocean surface.

200 Wh of energy packed into airline-compliant SMART BATTERIES (yes, you can take your SCUBAJET PRO as carry-on luggage) gives you up to 2 hours of battery life.


Motor drive power: 1000W
Depth Rating: 200ft | 60m
Speed ​​over water: up to 7 mph | 11km/h
Underwater speed: up to 6.56 ft/s | 2m/s
Battery type: lithium ion
Battery capacity: 2x 100Wh = 200Wh (airline compatible and stackable)
with the “Double Your Range™ PRO XR Kit” expandable to 4x 100Wh = 400Wh, both configurations are fully airline compatible
Battery life: up to 2h | 4h with the “Double Your Range™ PRO XR Kit”
Optional LED light (BEAM™): 1500 lumens at 6000 Kelvin with an angle of 120 degrees