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SCUBAJET PRO Overwater Kit

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Let him take you there on his own. Or let me help you. Or leave it and row hard and far, knowing that you can always come back.

Designed specifically for surface water lovers, the SCUBAJET Overwater Kit will take you to places where marine life is undisturbed by those who can't reach them.


The SCUBAJET PRO 1000W jet motor moves it up to 7 mph (11 km/h) on the water. That's 60% faster than Michael Phelps.

200 Wh of energy packed into airline-compliant SMART BATTERIES (yes, you can take your SCUBAJET PRO as carry-on luggage) gives you up to 2 hours of battery life.


Motor drive power: 1000W
Depth Rating: 200ft | 60m
Speed ​​over water: up to 7 mph | 11km/h
Underwater speed: up to 6.56 ft/s | 2m/s
Battery type: lithium ion
Battery capacity: 2x 100Wh = 200Wh (airline compatible and stackable)
with the “Double Your Range™ PRO XR Kit” expandable to 4x 100Wh = 400Wh, both configurations are fully airline compatible
Battery life: up to 2h | 4h with the “Double Your Range™ PRO XR Kit”
Optional LED light (BEAM™): 1500 lumens at 6000 Kelvin with an angle of 120 degrees