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Niu Electric Scooter

KQi3 Pro electric scooter

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The KQi3 is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum that offers high structural strength and maximum driving confidence. Dual disc brakes provide great stopping power in the dry and wet. Plus, our iconic Halo headlight and built-in chime make sure you're seen and heard.

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The KQi3 has been designed to guarantee you optimal balance and effortless maneuverability. Easily drive through the streets of your city smoothly and safely at all times.


25 km/h and up to 50+ km of autonomy
542mm wide handlebar / 9.5*2.5 tires / Wide tire
Powerful 48V lithium battery / 5 hour charge
App connected by Bluetooth
Aerospace-grade aluminum / Dual disc brakes / Iconic Halo light / Integrated bell