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Onewheel XR

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Meet the best life changing electric scooter - Onewheel XR. We think it's the most awesome and fun single wheel skate on the planet.

It allows you to snowboard all year round on any type of road. Challenge your job and float with it, or dominate any terrain on the weekend. Learn to maneuver in 5 minutes, it's that easy.

Double pleasure

The Onewheel XR travels between 18 and 27 km of distance on a charge, this is twice as far as a standard Onewheel + could travel, that is between 8 and 11 km. A huge leap forward in view of the technical difficulty of equipping the board with a developed and therefore voluminous battery.

A true all-rounder

One of the main attractions of the Onewheel is its all-terrain aspect that is further accentuated in the Onewheel+XR to offer more possibilities for “off-road” rides. In fact, a developed battery offers greater power and therefore higher overtaking capacities.