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Jobe Watersports

Switch 2P

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It's built to last with its 420 denier nylon cover and designed to kick back with its 2 built-in cup holders and padded nylon handles. And at just 82.7'' x 55.1'', or 210cm x 140cm deflated, the Switch 2P is a snap to store on or off the boat. The Switch can also be combined with the Jobe Manta and Retreat for a further extension.


The Jobe Switch 2P is the ideal water chair for two people to relax or have fun in the water! But when you're ready to switch it up, the Switch becomes a super fun water slide!

3 Years warranty

2 Nylon handles
2 Cup holders
6 Padded handles
D-ring and zipper to connect the Jobe Manta and the Retreat
Bag for compact and easy storage
Rotate the inflatable to have a slide
Maximum 2 people
Bottom in tarpaulin to slide easily
420 Denier nylon cover