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Performance, security and ease of use will always be central elements
in the creation of any Awake product. However, in the development of
Wake up VINGA, they have been pushed to new levels of excellence.
The Awake VINGA has something for everyone, allowing the
inexperienced rider to take his first flight in an efoil and the
more experienced rider to execute the most daring maneuvers


Different boards, one battery. A key component of Awake's modular design is the Awake Flex battery system. This allows you to use any Awake surfboard battery on any Awake eFoil and vice versa in no time. Perfect for those who can't decide between the electric surfboard experience or the eFoil experience - with Awake you get the best of both worlds.

Elevating your journey

The Awake VINGA eFoil is short but generous in volume, stable yet agile, powerful yet precise. Which means there is something for everyone. Inexperienced surfers can take their first flight on an eFoil with confidence, while more experienced surfers can test their limits by executing the most daring maneuvers.