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Awake RÄVIK 3

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A fusion of everything we learned designing and engineering high performance electric surfboards, and a lifetime spent on the water. The Awake RÄVIK 3 is the culmination of all that knowledge and experience, a perfect board for both racing and sailing. A quieter board with improved acceleration, an improved motor, and an even more intuitive hand controller. Combine all that with an all-new construction and hull design, and you have a board ready to deliver extreme thrills or something a little more laid back; whatever you choose, you'll have fun out there.

Greater efficiency

We have upgraded the motor and impeller to make the transmission even more efficient. This means you'll use less power, which means more carvings and longer rides.

Extreme acceleration

The efficiency capabilities of the new ESC take the market leading acceleration of our Awake Boards to the next level. Coupled with the instant throttle response on the 2nd generation manual controller, it can hit an impressive 50kph in 4 seconds.